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The Top 100 Wineries, featured in this edition, was one of the hardest tasks I’ve faced in my 20+ years of wi

There are so many great Australian wineries, and no matter how many times I re-configured the list, excellent producers always missed out. In quality terms, it’s tight at the top of Australian wine. The deciding factor was consistency; all the wineries listed are a case of ‘buy the range’ and not just the individual wines. For all the angst in the creation of this list, there’s also a joy to the release of it. The (often fanatical) hard work of these producers is worth celebrating.

More than anything though, I really hope that you find this list useful.

There’s plenty more of note in this edition — most particularly Cassandra Charlick’s important story on how to navigate your way around all the ‘sustainable’ words so prevalent on wine labels now. I also urge you to read the profile on winemaker Sierra Reed, and not because I was lucky enough to write it. Sierra is one of the most interesting winemakers in the land right now, from a wine-in-the-glass perspective, but wow does she have a personal story to go with it.

Lastly, this edition marks a change for this magazine from bi-monthly to quarterly. We’ll come out less often but, even so, we’re confident that we can deliver more winemaker profiles, travel pieces and wine reviews than we ever have.






Hardie Grant